…but what are you going to do?

Too often in American politics we hear, “It’s a tragedy, but what are you going to do?”

Ehrm, sorry politician…did you just ask, “What am I going to do?”

We, the American people, elected you as our leader. And leaders don’t shrug, shake their heads, and ask vague, accountability-deferring questions.

We, the American People, have some questions for you…..

What is your plan to stop mass shootings? What is your plan to provide better, more affordable healthcare for all Americans? What is your plan to address climate change?

What is your plan to [verb, <issue of choice>]?

I know what my plan is. My plan is ask you leaders what yours is. And to encourage my fellow citizens to do the same.

It’s not my intention to make this post another “Us vs. Them”

We all know there’s enough of that to go around.

But it’s completely valid to ask anyone with designs on state level seats and above, “What’s your plan?”

Those 2018 races are right. around. the corner. Because:


SHIIIIIIIIIT! Who are the candidates?! What are they even talking about?!

And guess what? You’re not even into those candidates. The ones left standing…over there…most likely with the most money. The one you reeeeeeaaaaaally would’ve could’ve should’ve loved had to bow out early.

’Cause they didn’t have enough support.

And you (and me…plenty o’blame and shame going around in my head, don’t you worry!) weren’t paying attention. Because it was winter. A really cold Polar Vortex winter and so your brand I mean brain wasn’t working. Or you got married. Or you had a baby. Or you got that crazy insane job that sucked the life out of you or your divorce sucked the life out of you or your new lover sucke…EEEESSSHH! Let’s all calm down now.

And let’s look around at the landscape NOW. Ask the questions of your future leaders NOW.

*This post brought to you by (and with respect to) the 59 (so far) deaths in Vegas, the 520 (so far) wounded also in Vegas, the unaccounted for in Puerto Rico, the death and destruction from Harvey, the death and destruction from Irma, the temporary joy of the recently defeated (yet bound to resurface with some other name in 2018) Graham-Cassidy bill, one of those guys on Pod Save America, a hostile government utilizing social media to influence our election, and one can of Begyle Hophazardly IPA.

Advocate for women, children, and better government.

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